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3D Printer Camp May 2014

In my spare time, I like to help people build 3d printers.

My next big group build will be in May, but registration for the event ends next week.

If you have plans to build your own 3d printer this year, this is an opportunity for you to save money on the parts and get some help putting them all together.

Have fun!


Leaking Hot End

Here is why you don’t want to use a thin Teflon tube in your hot end.     The pressure will build up and pop a hole in the tube.    The PTFE in this hot end was 1.8mm and OD 2.3mm which is only .25 wall thickness.    It ran alright for a few hours and then started oozing plastic out every where.    This weekend I will modify it to use a ID 2mm and OD 4mm tubing.   I’d like to have an inner diameter of 1.8, but I just can’t find it anywhere with a decent wall thickness.