Custom Mendel90 X Ends with Zip Tie holes

By | December 14, 2013

The reprap Mendel90 is a great design, but there are a few things I wanted to change.  I’m in the process of building 12 of them and really need to stream line the assembly.

This post will cover the X-Ends that hold the motor, idler, and smooth rods.

  • The 45 degree wall with holes.
    • I found this to be difficult to print reliably.
    • Changed the holes to be tiny dimples.   You can see where the center of the hole should be and then just drill them out.
  • Walls wrap around the LM8UU linear bearings.
    • The build guide recommends to heat the part with a blow dryer to soften it, and then force them in.   This was pretty painful to do and does not work well when building many printers.   It doesn’t look good at all.
    • Removed the walls and added holes for tie straps.
    • Also added a bit more vertical space for the bearings.

The part also has some walls that used to mount ribbon cables and such.   I’m not using those in my build so I removed them to save on print time and questions about what they are for.

You can download the parts here:

For more information about the group build we are doing visit this site:

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